Friday, June 29, 2012

Are You Related to Grady Moore?

I am looking for the descendants of W Grady Moore, born June 25, 1890 in Taylor,Texas. He Married an Anna and they had two children,  Patricia and John.   They lived in the St Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota area, but in 1922 Grady was killed.  I so desperately want to find his descendants!!!

I thought I had found a granddaughter, but it was not the right person.  So now I am going to cyblerland in hopes that someone may decide to start working on Grady's tree.  If you are PLEASE CONTACT ME!!  I have much information for you, but not enough for me on Grady!!!  No picture, only bit and pieces of his life. 

By the way, the W in Grady's name stands for Woodfren.  Now you know I am legit!!!  Sorry Uncle Grady for revealing your secret!!!!  Thank you all who have helped in the search thus far!!!