Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Having a Family History Blog is SOOO Important!

In 2009 I heard genealogist Crista Cowan speak on the importance of people being able to find YOU.  We always think that we are looking for someone else, why would anyone want to find us?  But in the genealogy world it is VERY IMPORTANT. Her lecture that day was "Hit a Brickwall searching backwards -- Search Forward."  She talked about the importance of a Family History Blog.

I began this blog shortly after moving to Texas; walking, seeing and living as my ancestors had over 100 years before.  Okay maybe not so much the living....but I needed them. I needed their presence in my life. I was at a standstill and didn't feel as though I could go forward.  Moving to Texas was one of the best decisions I ever made!!  It did help me to get to know more about my ancestors and where they lived, what they did, saw etc. 

In the process I have tried to journal my findings and happenings along the way. Today I went back and read my first entry.  Oh how I forgot about that day!  But after reading the entry the flood of memories came flying back.  It also makes me sad, as Ralph Love has passed on.  But what a great source of information he was to me.  It is a similar reason that brings me back to my blog today.

Sometimes when you write you wonder if anyone ever really reads it.  Maybe that is where I got with this blog.  I felt no one ever read it.  Oh how silly I am!!  I have had several contact me because of this blog.  I have written about my Moore Family mostly, but I have also written about my Schoenbohm family which is my grandmother's family.  I had one cousin email me and tell me, "I think we are related but I never knew this about my Great Grandfather!  I am going to ask my Mother!"  She was referring to the story about the "Dueling on the Stairs". Click the link for the story.

One of the posts I added two years ago was that I was looking for descendants of "Woodfren Grady Moore."  I had little hope of ever finding anyone.  Uncle Grady died very young and it seems very suddenly.  I was told he was beaten to death for not joining a union in Minnesota.  But what is on his death certificate and that does not jive.  I knew he had married an Anna Cummings and they had two children.  After Grady's death, Anna remarried, change their names to Thoele and that is where the trail went cold.

A Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I returned home and found an email with the subject "Are you still looking for descendants of Grady
Moore?"  I sat in shock for a few moments and replied as quickly as I could YES!!!  Re reading the email Paula said she had married into the Moore Family.  I instantly threw up a red flag and tried to make the connection of how she was related to Grady. In going back to re-read the email again I had another message from a Sharon Moore.  In opening it up I gasped!  I had found Grady's Granddaughter, well she found me.

It was so interesting in talking to Sherry because we had similar information and she had documents I didn't have and I have documents she didn't have.  Together I believe we can tell Grady's story.  She even has a picture!!  She said not a good one, but a picture.  I tagged in her a few photos in my Family History Album on Facebook and I knew she had not seen most of them.  She saw photos her great grandparents for the first time.  I love when I can do that for my cousins!  I have been able to do it a few times!!

I will be updating this blog more regularly because there has been much progress and much I need to tell for those who may be searching this line as well.  We have cousins gathering in Taylor, Texas next month that will all be meeting for the very first time. How wonderful is that?  I unfortunately cannot attend due to my health.  But I will be there in spirit.

So please if you are even thinking about doing a blog, DO IT!!  I have people all the time tell me I wish I could find the information you do, or find cousins like you do. You need to put your info out there and when the time is right they will find you.

Stay Calm and Keep Blogging!!