Friday, February 13, 2009

Vernon and Grace

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  1. Vernon Doak Moore and Grace Linn Schoenbohm were married on November 29, 1917 in Corpus Christi, Nuesces County Texas. (see attached marriage license). This was a great find as there were several dates of their marriage and I could never find a marriage license until I acquired this one. It solved a lot of mysteries. My Grandfather Vernon Doak Moore was born and raised in Williamson County, Texas, and my Grandmother lived in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas. I had been searching in Williamson County for marriage records and not Nueces County. The reason being is that in census after they were married I found them in different counties other than Nueces. I am not sure for the reason of moving around, but they started in Nueces County and ended up in Nueces County.

    For many years I thought there were only three children, Carrie Lee Moore, Katherine Edna Moore, and my Father Vernon Doak Moore. Around the mid 1980’s I found there was another child Grace Linn Moore. But there was no more information of her. Even my aunt did not know of another child at that time. Grace Linn remained in the back of my mind for many years, as I acquired more family history there was only a tad bit of information on Grace Linn, dates that she lived for 12 days. I could not find anything else.

    In September 2008, I came across a pilot site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and there was that piece of gold, the death certificate for Grace Linn Moore. She indeed lived 12 days and cause of death was listed as “slippery conditions and john dice (sp)” In 2001 I spent time with a cousin I had not seen since I was about 6 or 7 years old (I was born in 1958 so you can do the math!) I asked her about the baby since she was the oldest of the cousins and she told me she had heard about the baby and the story was that my Grandmother was getting off a bus when her coat caught in the door and she slipped and fell with the baby. It was a hard time for my Grandmother and so it was not discussed among the family.

    My Grandmother Grace Linn Schoenbohm had many tragedies and hardships in her life that are told through out this history. The thing I see though, was a love for her family. The pictures of her sisters and mother I have found have shown me the closeness of her family, as was attested to by the living relatives from that side of the family. Through out the hard time they remained family.

    My Grandfather Vernon Doak Moore, Sr., is a much different story. Many of the older relatives do not recall ever meeting any of his side of the family. There are very few pictures of him or his family, and those we do have we cannot identify at this point. I do know in later years, my Grandfather “Poppy” had lost his eyesight. That began a few antics as you will read in this book. I have gathered from the pictures, Poppy must have had a love for animals. There are many pictures with horses, and he had a cat “Frisky” that was his little pal. I also remember Poppy especially as being a very heavy smoker. I believe this was a ‘family trait’ as many were smokers in the family.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a lot much of a recollection of my grandparents because I left Texas when I was only 7 years old. Poppy died on January 5, 1967 and Granny on October 2, 1973. On the death certificate it lists Poppy as ‘widowed’ when he died, that was an error. It also lists his parents as “unknown” and coincides with relatives who said they never met Poppy’s family.

    I do know and have learned that, his ancestors do have deep roots in Texas. The stories I was told as a little girl, seem to be somewhat justified of my research. Poppy’s Grandfather and Uncle were one of the first 300 Families in Texas in Stephen Austin’s Colony while Texas was still part of Mexico. There are records of them in the Revolutionary war, Civil War and WWII, records of their slave holdings and land deeds in Texas and of course a story of cowboys and Indians. One thing that touched me was that even when the slaves were freed and my GG Grandfather let them go, they stayed with the Moore’s because they were such kind people to them. These slaves also took on the last name of Moore. Much different story than what we hear today that came from the Civil War.

    It is exciting to go back in time and see the paths they have taken. We can gain a glimpse of personalities, their kindness, ethics, and values as we find bits and pieces of them. There are stories of hardships, how they made their way in life, as well as their talents. For me I have a passion for writing, and have learned that my ancestors have the writing talent as well!