Saturday, March 2, 2013

Teaching Family History

I have been asked to teach the Family History Sunday School Class at my church.  I have been amazed at the turnout and humbled by those who come and have complete faith in me to help them get started with their family history.  I thought I would share here with you some of thing things we have gone over in the class.

Our first week was a simple introduction of me and I had all students fill out a survey.  I think one of the things you must learn in Family History as a teacher is where everyone is, what the goals are, and a little about them (phishing out the fears!) We must be teachable in both directions!  I had to learn form the beginning as I know we all do.  Even 35 years later, I don't know all there is to know about Family History and still stumble when trying to find a record.  It often times take a group effort.

One of the things I love to hear is when someone says they are related to someone, and another will pop up and say, "Hey so am I!"  Been there and done that.  Makes me Snoopy Dance!!

We are very blessed here in Provo (yes I have moved back to Utah) in that we have a wonderful Family History Center at BYU and also have a training center in Provo where classes are only $5. If you ever make a trip to Provo, I highly recommend coming and taking time for these all day classes.  Well worth the time and money!!

The instruction part of the class is 30 minutes for each segment, and then you get a hands on trainer sitting next to you for another 30-45 minutes.  How cool is that???

One thing I liked is they have a basic computer class.  For older people, this is beneficial because most do not know how to use a computer. Today we all need to learn how to use a computer to do research.  It will come if you struggle!!  Just keep at it.

What a great resource to have in the community! For any who want to come visit  our beautiful city,  I love to play tour guide!!!  If you come please let me know!!

The second thing is the BYU Family History Center.

There are about 130 missionaries and volunteers who help with the center.  If you have photos to scan, or documents to digitize, it is worth the trip there for help and to get it done!!  The library is also open the 2nd and 4th Sunday for classes and research. 

Also don't forget to check into and join your own local Genealogical Societies.  These societies are so valuable to us as researchers. Often times it is the societies who will go through the records and compile births, marriages, deaths etc.  Please support them!!  Too many are dying out for lack of attendance and support.

Happy Searching everyone!!!

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