Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh Where Oh Where Can They Be???

This morning I was racking my brains and using all the sleuthing skills I had to try and find descendants of a great uncle.  I sent a couple of emails to longshots and then thought WHOA!! Wait a second!!  Let's go back to my blog (that I know) I don't write on enough and put out the plea!!!

So here it goes, I am looking for descendants of Arthur Lee Moore who was married to Florence Marrington.  He had two children Rachel and Arthur Lee Jr.  Rachel married Grant Truax.  Arthur JR married Edna Dorothy Berg.  I have them with one child (I am sure there was more) but he was also Arthur Lee Moore III.  Arthur III married Sharon Lee Mosher/Moshler and they had a daughter Shannon Morie/Marie Moore.  And I am dead end.

Uncle Lee (that his how the family referred to him as) was the oldest of my great grandfather's children who survived.  My great grandfather was married twice, Lee's mother was Rebecca Burleson.

I understand Uncle Lee had alot of the family history and I am hoping it was passed down from generation to generation for starters.  Also, we are writing a family history and want to be able to include HIS story and not the one we are perceiving it to be.  So if you tie into this family please, please, please email me!!!

We have come quite far on this family.  We have pictures of all the surviving siblings (six) and contact with several of the descendants.  We are missing Lee, Jack and Bell's lines.

Also I finally caved in and took a DNA test.  We have broken through another brick wall....kind of!!  We know who Nathaniel's brothers are!!  Okay some of them....but still more than we had a month ago.  So there are lots of exciting things happening in this branch of the Moore's.  And by finding Nathaniel's brothers, we can most likely put together all these stray Moore's like Nathaniel and Uceba Moore and find their place in the family tree.

So please come help us expand!!!  If you tie in to the Thomas A Moore and Mary D Williams line, or Nathaniel J Moore and Rebecca lines, save this blog and EMAIL ME!!!  I know the descendants are out there....we just have to find them!!  C'mon let's have an exciting update soon!!!  Happy Hunting everyone!!

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